About Us

miFIRE was started by Edgesoft Inc. when we began building KILLER apps on the iPad for fire departments.

It all started in 2010 when one of our large city clients in Southern California approached us to work side by side with their fire department inspectors to build the most elegant, intuitive, and seamless inspection app imaginable.  miFIRE was created by drawing upon our 15 years of web application development for enterprise permitting and inspection software and a tremendous amount of input our fire department client.

Since then its birth in 2010, and with the continual input and refinement gained by our increasing number of fire department customers – we have THE killer fire inspection app.

Some of our miFIRE customers include:

The City of Glendale, CA

The City of Beverly Hills, CA

The City of San Marino, CA

The City of Fremont, CA

The City of Alhambra, CA

……..if you are reading this, then you should be on this list, too!